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Madison Rayne (born February 5, 1986) is an American professional wrestler who is currently working for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). She is a former four-time TNA Women's Knockout Champion and a two-time TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion.
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Impact 4/3

Backstage, Brittany approached Madison, asking her about her tag team match with the Beautiful People that night. Madison guessed that Brittany was looking to be her partner, but warned that if you get involved with the BPs it would be “never ending”. Brittany wasn’t put off, and said that she looked up to Madison and just needed an opportunity like Rayne received when she first arrived in TNA. Madison agreed and told Brittany to close the locker room door so they could talk strategy.

Out in the ring however, the strategy came quite unstuck. Although Brittany started off the match quite well, and initially handled both Angelina and Velvet, her opponents experience eventually began to win out. Brittany eventually managed to make the tag to Madison who managed to get the momentum back on her team’s side, only for Brittany to rather surprisingly tag herself back into the match shortly afterwards. The Beautiful People took advantage of the confusion, and Madison’s apparent surprise at her partners actions, as Angelina and Velvet hit their Makeover finisher on Brittany to pick up the victory and cap off their return in style.

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Impact 3/27

After last weeks attack, Madison was looking to gain some revenge on Angelina Love. She came storming out to the ring and really took the fight up to the returning Knockout, forcing Angelina to attempt to take a time out in the early going. Velvet Sky came out to the ring, having been ordered by Angelina to make a decision about whether she wanted to reform the Beautiful People or not. Angelina tossed Madison out of the ring, and as Velvet knelt down to cheer on her friend, Angelina came outside to tell Velvet to get out of the way. Angelina and Madison continued battling back and forth until Rayne dropkicked Love out of the ring. However, when Madison pitched Angelina back into the ring, Velvet turned on Madison, dropping her with a DDT on the floor. With the referee distracted by Angelina back in the ring, Velvet simply threw Madison back in which allowed Angelina to make the simple pin cover to register a victory over the Knockouts Champion. Angelina and Velvet celebrated in the ring over a fallen Madison, the original Beautiful People well and truly reunited.

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New Photoshoot

There’s a brand new stunning photoshoot of Madison. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves!

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Impact 3/20

With Velvet accepting Angelina’s offer to reform the Beautiful People, Angelina invited Madison to the ring as the last missing piece of the puzzle. But when Angelina proposed reforming the trio to Madison, she didn’t exactly make it seem like she was particularly excited to have Rayne back in the group. Madison immediately picked up on Angelina’s tone, and told Love that she wasn’t the little girl who did all of Angelina’s dirty work for her anymore. Angelina tried to sweet talk Madison by saying that she was just paying her dues, but Rayne wasn’t having it. Madison said that times have changed, she’s the Knockouts Champion, and although she loved Velvet, she wasn’t going to rejoin the Beautiful People.

Later in the locker room, Angelina confronted Madison about what had happened. Rayne replied telling Angelina she had said everything she wanted to out in the ring. Angelina wouldn’t let Madison leave without at least but as Rayne turned to leave, Angelina grabbed her by the hair and threw her into the lockers, before choking her out on the sofa, screaming that no one ever turns her down.

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Madison vs Gail from Japan

Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne (Wrestle-1) by JAHMAL1111

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Upcoming Impact Spoilers

Click after the jump to find out what Madison will be up to on the next three episodes of Impact Wrestling.


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